Traditional Fine Binding

Would you like to have a fine, traditional leather binding made to re-cover an old book, or to set off a new one with style? At Otter Bookbinding, we take great pride in preserving traditional craft bookbinding skills. We are able to offer the finest bindings using the classic hand skills of sewing, forwarding, and gold finishing. Books made with these time-honoured methods are truly beautiful to behold, and a pleasure to touch, read and display. 

We use the finest materials—naturally tanned goat and calf skin, real gold leaf, and beautiful marbled papers which are still handmade in the historically correct way.

If you want your book printed as well as bound we can source exquisite handmade paper for a completely authentic look and feel.

“I have received the book - it's absolutely gorgeous! It's perfect - it's a gift for my soon-to-be-born goddaughter and I know the family will love it - It brought a tear to my eye when I opened the package! Thank you so much - I knew it would be good, but to see a book I've written in such a beautiful cover is so wonderful.” 
H. Arbuthnott
Binding Book Printing & Binding
Binding Book Printing & Binding

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