Book Conservation, Restoration & Repair

Do you have a damaged or broken book you would like to restore to its former glory? Or would you like to have a completely new cover made for an old book?

From a rare Shakespeare folio to a damaged family bible, Otter Bookbinding has the skills and experience to repair and restore your treasured item. Using time-honoured methods and authentic materials we breathe new life into all manner of books, whether they are rare, valuable, or just well loved. 

Some common repairs we undertake are: antiquarian bibles in leather where the spine has come away; Victorian cloth bindings with loose boards and missing spines; books with torn or damaged pages; water damaged books, and corner repair and re-building. Some of our more interesting restoration commissions have included a copy of Culpeper’s Herbal dating from the 17th century, a Breeches Bible from 1690, and first edition Beatrix Potters.

“Thank you for your professional work on this piece of history.  As it approaches its 400th “Birthday” I think that it is a fitting contribution to a book that has been valued by several owners over four centuries who have left their mark therein.”  Peter W, 2007