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 On site Bookbinding workshops- 1-3 days

Otter Bookbinding offers in person bookbinding workshop days giving the opportunity to try your hand at bookbinding no matter your ability (beginners are encouraged!). Whether you’re looking for a serious commitment or simply want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there’s nothing more important than being taught by an experienced Arts & Crafts Instructor, Marysa has been teaching and running her own bookbinding business for over 30 years.

These workshop days have been developed to make bookbinding easily accessible, with access to support and the personalised attention you deserve so that you can reach your full potential. With Marysa you will master different styles of binding, working step by step to make beautiful books whilst also learning the fundamentals of bookbinding. We hope to help you gain confidence as you master this ancient craft and develop your skills. 

Here at Otter Bookbinding we give the option of being with us for 1- 3 days depending on your desired outcome. 

In a 1 day workshop at Otter you could achieve one of the following-

Make a book from scratch- (non adhesive or glued in binding)

Make a concertina flag book

Make a scrap book or photo album.

In 2 days you can learn how to use gold finishing tools to decorate your new book.

In 3 days you may want to learn how to make more complex book structures or begin to learn simple repairs on damaged/old books that need a little love and attention (all techniques that you can replicate at home with your new found knowledge).

If you have a particular project in mind to work on or just a space to be able to work on personal projects we would love to be able to help with this too!

  Bookbinding Days Incorporating City and Guilds Training 

Workshop time at Otter Bookbinding can also be spent working towards Levels 1, 2 and 3 in a City and Guilds Bookbinding Qualification.

What is City and Guilds? 

City and Guilds is a world recognised qualification that enables people to achieve a certification where they would otherwise not be able to. It is the only current institute to offer a validated qualification in bookbinding as a craft.

Level 1 City and Guilds is put together for complete beginners, where students will gain a core knowledge of the basic skills, methods and tools that every bookbinder needs. A minimum of 30 hours of work is required for this level one certificate.

Level 2 goes into more depth, experimentation with materials and textures and craft skills.

Level 3 is a course based on the core traditional skills that craft bookbinders employ today such as preparing a book for a leather covering, gold tooling, book restoration and much more.

Within your time at Otter we can help you meet the requirements of City and Guilds qualifications over a period of time by incorporating them into your practical work. This level is all about learning techniques and methods of bookbinding, being able to use them repeatedly in practical work as well as learning how to use traditional bookbinding tools alongside specific bookbinding materials and equipment. 

More on Level 1 Bookbinding here 

More on Level 2 Bookbinding here

More on Level 3 Bookbinding here

All of our courses can be booked via the links below or by telephone and email.


City and Guilds Qualifications

With our training you can learn as you go along at your own pace with no pressure. This means that you can fit bookbinding into your life without it taking over.

" Marysa is a responsive and instinctive tutor, adapting to the individual needs of her pupils with imagination and long learned practical advice and example. I learned enough in my three days to confidently be able to go home and start making my own books....wonderful!" Ruth Lawrence

" I just wanted to say thanks for a lovely bookbinding weekend. The bindery is wonderful. The group and Quizzy the cat were all brilliant! It was great to be able to get three days in a row." Sam Johns

"Marysa allowed participants to move at their own pace and develop their own style and she is not only a talented binder and teacher, but an artist as well. Her interpretation of bindings and finishing inspired me to develop books into art."
Cliff Woodward

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